Monday, May 25, 2015

I've had a few questions as to what my pen name is, so I'll tell you. This is my pen name... and I'm Devon Watson


In third grade I lived in Arizona. I had red Adidas high tops. I had the coolest kicks on the playground, until they ripped while playing football.

In fourth grade I had black Vans. I got a small sky blue paint spot on them from an art project. I went to California to see my sister and I left them at the beach on accident. I was SO mad.

In fifth grade I had white Adidas from Ross. I remember I was back in Utah, and I was playing football in the snow. I had ball and I ran for a good gain, but I poked a hole right through the feet. I just kept playing.

In sixth grade I had black And1 basketball shoes. I was pretty alright at basketball back then. Then, I hit a growth spurt, and I couldn't wear them anymore. I still have those in a storage room.

In seventh grade I got blue, black, and white Nike high tops. I wore those until in late eighth grade I poked a hole in them playing basketball. I was wearing them for family pictures once. SO bad.

Then I bought these super light Nike running shoes, and I've been wearing them ever since.


I remember being terrified of earthquakes and serving missions.
I remember the fire that lit the mountain when I was young. We sat and watched it that night.
I remember moving, and I hated the idea, the fact, and that I had no choice.
I remember my first swim practice. That was the first time I had ever felt manly, and I loved it.
I remember being sad to move back.
I remember staying quiet on the first day of school. It was my first time keeping my mouth shut.
I remember my first crush after moving.
I remember being terrified of middle school because it was so big.
I remember that middle school sucked. The teachers were weird and the kids were weirder.
I remember I still had good times in middle school.
I remember being excited for high school.
I remember that sophmore year was dominated by feeling that death was preferable to life.
I remember wasting my time for the next two years. Still going.


I beat 80 times per minute, 4800 times per hour, 115200 times per day, and more than 40 million times per year. Contract and relax, contract and relax, contract and relax for the decades of your life.

1 gallon per minute, 83 gallons per hour, 2000 gallons per day, 730000 gallons per year, and 1000000 barrels of blood are pumped through your veins through my efforts.

I work and labor every minute of every day to provide you with life.

Don't waste the effort!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RealTalk x5

I'm creative when I'm by myself. I'm creative when I don't have to show anyone else. I'm creative around people. A few people. I'm creative, I promise... Ah, you'll just have to take my word for it, because...

Everyone sees what is on the net. I'm not by myself. I am not anonymous anymore. I am...

Scared of not being anonymous. I'm scared of my original ideas being discarded. I'm scared that I won't live up. I'm scared to express what's inside because...

I'm intimidated by everyone else's inside. I'm nervous that my inside is a cliche inside. I hate being cliche, on the inside. I'm also nervous that...

My insides are dreadfully boring.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Freakin terrified of spiders. Crawling around on the wall above my bed, making webs in my shoes, having eight legs.

Yep, that terrifies me.

Getting up and speaking in front of people is freakin scary.

I'm going to New York for a few years, and I'm scared of that.

I am most fearful of being vulnerable.